Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Innovative utensils and handphones

an app for cooking recipes lists recipes
-good for cooking at home
-copyright on some recipes
-the recipes
an app for trial cooking like add different ingredients and see how it tastes by telling you
-for experimenting on cooking
-to correctly determine how something would taste
-the ability to experiment without the mess
a spoon that tells the temperature of soup

-making sure that the soup is not to hot
-marketability and cost
-the built-in thermometer
app to find of the ingredients of the food an the contents
-able to find out the contents for example the fats and the protein
-how to find out what is in the food
-ability to fond out what is in the food
a phone that can test your weight and how healthy you are
-very useful for people who are exercising
-how to make it work
-the portability